1.1 By reading, browsing or using the website, the user declares that they have read and accept the terms and conditions set forth herein and all other policies and principles that govern it. If the user does not agree with the terms and conditions, he must immediately exit the site.
International Lash Academy reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use of the site at any time and without prior notice.

2.1. International Lash offers courses, events, workshops and programs through its offices or virtually (Internet).
2.2. The virtual platform will require for your login to incorporate the username and password data (duly registered at the time of registration). By entering them, you access the exclusive area called “Virtual Campus”.

3.1. International Lash Academy will allow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to courses conducted over the Internet, except for the reasons described in points 3.2 (subsection B and C) 5.4 and 5.5.
3.2. International Lash Academy undertakes to provide the access service contracted by the user, in the General Terms and Conditions for the chosen course, access may suffer interruptions due to: (A) interruptions due to connectivity problems of the student’s Internet provider ; (B) circumstances of force majeure that prevent the provision of services (eg lack of electricity supply) and (C) technical and operational problems that require the temporary shutdown of the system, adjustments to prevent the occurrence of transmission failures in the Internet access system, or any other type of problem that may arise
3.3. International Lash Academy reserves the right to interrupt its services in the event of an attempt to circumvent the security system to computers that are not authorized to access or in the event that the user shares his access with third parties.
3.4. International Lash Academy reserves the right to delete any registration that is not within the use of company policy.
3.5. By filling in the cell phone field, the user accepts that International Lash Academy can contact you via SMS or Whatsapp in order to provide information about the Academy or to inform you about your administrative situation.
3.6. International Lash Academy is not responsible for damages to the personal or professional life of the user by virtue of their profile being viewed on the site by a third party.
3.7 International Lash Academy will not be responsible for any damage arising from unauthorized access by third parties or hackers to the site, taking advantage of the use of username and password, which is for the exclusive use of the student.
3.8 It is known that machines can fail. Inevitably, power supplies burn out, hard drives can get damaged, data packets can be lost, etc. Predicting and preventing these inconveniences is not always possible. Consequently, in no event will International Lash Academy or its suppliers be liable for any damages. Although International Lash Academy has advised of the possibility of such damages, because some jurisdictions prohibit the exclusion or limitation of liability for incidental or consequential damages, such limitation does NOT apply to you.
3.9 International Lash Academy does not guarantee the accuracy of the content expressed in and may have errors or omissions with respect to the description of products and services offered, as well as their content, including but not limited to courses. , programs, teachers or others. International Lash Academy reserves the right to correct these errors without prior notice.

4.1. The student will be responsible for the correct use of his username and password, which is used exclusively.
4.2. The student must provide himself/herself with Internet access.
4.3. Personal data, including their own identity document, address, etc. for the collection of data reported by the STUDENT are their responsibility, having civil and criminal sanctions that they eventually generate.
4.4. When registering, the student agrees to provide true, updated and complete information as requested in the registration form.
4.5. The student assumes all burden and responsibilities arising from their actions and misconduct as a student of International Lash Academy, even taking into account that any third party will act on their behalf in practice with the use of username and password.
4.6. The student must maintain respectful language and vocabulary both on campus and with their teachers and peers. All comments that disrespect, offend or insult teachers, students or the Academy will be deleted. Whoever, after being warned, does not abide by good conduct, may be penalized with exclusion and termination of enrollment.
4.7. The student must ensure that he/she has the proper medical authorization before starting the practical exercises (that is, those that require movements and physical efforts). Students should not start these physical activities until they have the corresponding medical certificate.
4.8. As consideration for the services of this contract, the student must pay International Lash Academy the amount that appears in the informative data of the course on our page or in the respective offices or according to the information sent via mail at dates and/or deadlines mentioned, corresponding to the contracted course.
4.9 The student may use the content provided by the site exclusively for their personal use. The total or partial reproduction of the content protected by intellectual property law is expressly prohibited, as well as the commercial use of the content of the site, its sale or distribution to third parties, or its modification. Any other use requires prior written and explicit authorization from International Lash Academy.

5.1 The student’s participation in the course is confirmed and reserved only after paying the enrollment fee and purchasing one or more modules of the same, in any of the means provided for this purpose. Enrollment in the online modality will be automatically confirmed once the payment is credited to the institution’s account.
5.2. All the information regarding the courses, value of the service and payment methods are available on the web. What is actually charged will entitle the student to access the corresponding material according to the purchase of modules made. International Lash Academy may make any change in the value of the services offered at any time and for any reason and circumstances, which will apply to those modules not yet purchased or paid for.
5.3. The contracting party authorizes International Lash Academy to collect in the manner and according to the means of payment chosen by the contracting party and available at International Lash Academy, leaving International Lash Academy and any collection company authorized by International Lash Academy free of any liability. or obligation.
5.4. The teaching materials and content of the module(s) will be made available to the student once the amounts corresponding to the modules purchased have been effectively charged by International Lash Academy and the same duly charged to the student in particular, as long as the student has been duly notified of the payment and sent respective proof, being able International Lash Academy to verify said accreditation. Until any payment has been duly received and allocated to a particular student, International Lash Academy reserves the right to indefinitely suspend the services object of this contract and undertakes to notify the user by email so that he can proceed to solve the problem. payment problem.
5.5 The non-payment / non-purchase of new modules will be sufficient reason for the student to not be able to continue studying until he regularizes his payment situation.

6.1. If you wish to request the cancellation of your course, the student may resume the course at any time, but this situation will imply: 1) The total loss of any type of discount offered, and 2) The contracting and payments of missing modules will be made at the prices in force at the time of resuming the course.
6.2 The student will have access to the acquired modules of the course for a period of 365 days counted from the moment in which they paid and the payment of the first module/s acquired was credited. After this period, you will not be able to access it.

7.1 There may be hyperlinks or links to other websites or services of other institutions or companies on the International Lash Academy website. The user accepts that International Lash Academy does not have and does not accept any responsibility for the use of other websites, and that it does not particularly recommend any third-party services or products.

8.1 International Lash Academy does not control or assume any responsibility for the products and services of third parties offered on its website, nor for the actions of any person, natural or legal, specified on its website.

9.1 International Lash Academy respects the intellectual property rights of third parties. If you believe that your intellectual property right has been violated on our site, please write to us and send us a description of the protected material, its location within the site, contact information including first name, last name, telephone number, physical address and e-mail address. mail.

10.1 The use of the site and its terms and conditions are governed by Argentine law.

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